About us

Circular Action, a BVRio company

BVRio's waste recovery milestones

Our specialism: dealing with local complexity

We focus on
uncollected municipal waste

In Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and India approximately half of municipal solid waste (MSW) is collected. 10% of MSW is recycled, at best. 40% is landfilled or incinerated. The remaining uncollected 50% leaks into the environment or is burned in the open air. Our strength lies in shifting these waste streams from rivers, burning and landfills towards recycling.

With thousands of informal sector waste specialists

With over one million waste pickers active in each country, Brazil, India and Indonesia manage to collect around 10% of recyclable materials. Our solution lies in better collaboration with the informal sector rather than competing with them. Increasing their incomes, efficiency, safety standards and quality. We have developed systems to monitor and increase pay to the informal sector.

BVRio's experienced international team

Pedro Moura Costa

Founder & Chairman (UK)

Thierry Sanders

Director (NL)

Maria Accioly

Environmental Analyst (BR)

Pedro Succar

Environmental Analyst (BR)

Iulia Pojum

Project Manager (UK)

Joao Daim

Environmental Analyst (NL)

Mauricio Moura Costa

Director & Legal Counsel (BR)

Huoyon Li

Finance Officer (UK)

For enquiries please contact: info@circularactionhub.org